Reynolds Wrap Non-Stick Pan Lining Paper



How to use: Line your pan, foil down, so that the parchment side faces your recipe.



Reynolds Wrap® Non-Stick Pan Lining Paper Aluminum foil. Trusted since 1947. One side parchment + one side foil. Tear resistant & no cleanup! 30 sq. ft. (24 ft. X 15 in.) 2.8m2 (7.3m x 38.1 cm).

Other Description

Bake meals without messy cleanup. Reynolds Pan Lining Paper gives you the benefits of parchment plus foil. The foil side helps it mold to any size pan perfectly and the parchment side lets you remove food without tearing. Even foods like casseroles and lasagna come out of the pan with ease. When done, simply toss away the mess. Line it: Line your pan with parchment side up towards food. Scoop it: Easily scoop food right out or cut into portions. Easy clean it: Our pan lining paper ensures your pan stays clean. Stay closed tab®. Our unconditional guarantee offers complete satisfaction or your money refunded. To contact us: visit - Call - 1-800-433-2244. Write - Reynolds Kitchens PO Box 85583 Richmond, VA 23285-5583. copy)2011 Reynolds Consumer Products Company 6641 West Broad Street Richmond, VA 23230 USA. 100% recycled paperboard™.


Caution: Cutting edge is sharp. Avoid contact.
Do not touch parchment paper to open flame.
Always preheat conventional oven first.
Withstands temperatures up to 420 degrees F.
Never use under broiler, in toaster ovens or in halogen light ovens.
Remove and discard starter tape.
Cut pan lining paper to fit pan.