Betallic Glitter Holographic Balloon Hugs!



For Best Results. Attach a non-metallic ribbon and anchor the balloon with a suitable weight. To keep your balloon properly inflated, avoid exposure to extreme temperatures. The balloon will deflate slightly in cold air; exposure to warm air will restore proper inflation. Excessive heat could cause the helium to expand and burst the balloon.



Betallic Glitter Holographic Balloon Hugs! General. 18” Balloon. 46 Cm.

Other Description

Retain this information for future use. Smart balloon practices. See The Entire Range Of Megaloons®. Inks used on this balloon conform to government standards that relate to children's toys. Review smart balloon practices at © Betallic L.L.C.


Do not release helium-filled balloons outdoors or near power lines. May cause power outages. this balloon may conduct electricity. Misuse can cause injury. Dispose of properly.