Gillette SkinGuard Men's Razor Blade Refill, 4 Blade Refills



Gillette® SkinGuard Men's Razor Blade Refill, 4 Blade Refills. Clinically proven. For sensitive skin.

Other Description

Gillette’s first clinically proven razor designed for sensitive skin, with SkinGuard technology between the blades. Gillette SkinGuard men’s blade refills have a unique SkinGuard between the blades to shave hair and guard skin. The SkinGuard reduces blade contact with the skin. Each blade refill also features 2 optimally-spaced, low cutting force blades to minimize tug and pull, and lubrication before and after the blades to minimize friction and shield skin from irritation. Absorbs pressure so blades press less on skin. Designed to stop irritation. Smooths sensitive skin to protect it from the blades. Shields skin from irritation with lubrication. Fits all SkinGuard and Fusion razors. Designed for men with: Sensitive skin. Razor bumps. Skin irritation. Razor burn.