Feline Favorite Clumping Cat Litter



Instructions for use: Fill a clean, empty litter tray to a depth of 2 inches. Position tray in a convenient place for your cat. Maintain litter freshness by removing soiled waste with a scoop daily and add a little more Feline favorite. Discard all litter after approximately 30 days. Wash hands thoroughly afterwards. Pregnant women and people with supressed immune systems should always wear gloves when handling cat litter.



Feline Favorite Clumping Cat Litter. 6lbs = 30 lbs of clay litter. Total odor control. Longer lasting. Faster clumping. Super absorbent. Premium all natural. 6 lbs/2.7kgs.

Other Description

Once solid waste has been removed the balance litter can be added to mulch for shrubs and garden plants. Feline favorite cat litter feels natural to cats, is safe, eco-friendly and eliminates odors. Feline favorite is a all natural sand litter. Cats prefer the feel of natural sand like litter. Feline favorite is eco friendly and non toxic. Clumps tight. Feline favorite is safe for all cats. The low dust formulation is particularly gentle on cats with upper respiratory health issues. Zeolite's micro-crystals have a huge surface area per crystal. This creates better absorption and helps to clump quickly. Premium clumping formula. PH: 1-508-915-4692. Visit us at www.felinefavorite.com.


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