Reach Crystal Clean Toothbrushes - 2 CT



Reach® Crystal Clean™ Toothbrushes. New sparkling colors! Soft. A sparkling clean. 2x the value, 2x the clean. 2.

Other Description

For Hard-To-Reach-Places®. With bi-level bristles. Cleaning tip reaches behind back teeth to remove plaque. Bi-level bristles clean plaque from the tooth surface and along the gum line to help maintain healthy gums. Angled neck. Reach®. The Hard To Reach® Places® toothbrush. Specially designed to clean your mouth with its angled neck and tapered head. Canada - Dr. Fresh, LLC, Ontario, Canada L7C2T4. Questions? Comments? Toll free: 1-866-REACHTB. [email protected]. Visit us online at: Toothbrush design and related names and logos are the trademarks of Dr. Fresh, LLC. ©2015 Dr. Fresh, LLC.


Crystal Clean Toothbrushes.