Walgreens Waxed Unflavored Dental Floss



Special value! $.99. W. Waxed dental floss. Slides easily. Shred resistant. Unflavored 100 yd. ADA accepted American Dental Association. *Compare to reach.

Other Description

Dental floss helps remove decay-causing material from between teeth and under gums. First, cut off about 18 inches of floss. Wind some around the index finger of each hand until you have about 2 inches to work with. Gently work the floss between the teeth (don't snap it in) and move it back and forth down to the gum line to loosen the plaque. Then let about an inch uncoil from your left hand and take up the slack with your right hand so that you have a fresh piece of floss between your teeth. Gently pull the floss out from between your teeth. The ADA Council on Scientific Affairs' acceptance of Walgreen's dental floss is based on its finding that the product is effective for removing plaque between teeth and helping to prevent and reduce gingivitis, when used as directed. Quality Guaranteed. 100% satisfaction guaranteed with all Walgreens products or your money back. www.walgreens.com. *Reach is a registered trademark of the Johnson & Johnson Corporation.


Note: Slight gum bleeding during flossing is frequently a sign of unhealthy gums. By flossing daily, bleeding should stop. Consult your dentist if bleeding persists.


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