Scotch Permanent Mounting Squares - 6 CT



Instructions: Use two squares for each 1 lb/450g of weight to be mounted (maximum 2 lbs/900 g). 1. Make light pencil lines on wall at key points around object to be mounted. 2. Remove number of squares needed from the solid protective liner. 3. Leaving the individual square protective liner in place, press squares into position on back of object to be mounted. 4. Remove liner and press firmly into place on wall. Note: This is a permanent tape that may cause damage if removed. If you must remove the mounted object, use a piece of dental floss or wire, held tautly between two hands. Pull back and forth, to split the tape, and release the mounted object. *Not recommended for use on wallpaper or delicate surfaces.



Scotch® Permanent Mounting Squares. 4 Squares Hold up to 2 lbs. 6 Squares 2 in x 2 in (50.8mm x 50.8mm). 3M.

Other Description

Use instead of nails or screws. Double-sided, foam mounting squares. Wall-mount decor, pictures and more Use on most types of walls* including tile and wood surfaces that are clean, dry and smooth. Scotch® brand tapes. Great ideas that stick. 3M, Scotch and the plaid design are trademarks of 3M. Questions or comments? Call toll-free 1-800-328-6276. ©3M 2010.