Joy Classic Waffle Cones - 12 CT



Joy® Classic Waffle Cones. 12. Paper sleeves on each cone! Great taste.

Other Description

1904 St. Louis world's fair. The original ice cream cone. Waffles. Vanilla, ice cream. 100% Recycled Paperboard®. News from the 1904 St Louis world's fair. While it is generally acknowledged that ice cream street vendors (hokey-pokey vendors) in New York City were selling different types of ice cream cones as early as the 1890's, the ice cream cone's official invention and immediate rise to popularity happened at the St Louis 1904 World's Fair. As such, 1904 is the "official" birth year of the ice cream cone. At the fair, the stories surrounding the invention of the cone are many and involve several different vendors at the fair, including immigrants from Lebanon/Syria and Turkey. However, the IAICM (International Association of Ice Cream Manufacturers) proclaims the story of Ernest A Hamwi, a Syrian immigrant, to be the strongest candidate for the title of official inventor of the ice cream cone. Mr Hamwi was a pastry vendor at the Fair, selling "zalabia", a crisp, sugary, warm waffle made over an open fire in a waffle iron. His stand was next to one of the 50 ice cream vendors at the Fair. Mr Hamwi took his waffles, while still warm and pliable, and, wrapping them into the shape of a cone, gave them to the next-door ice cream vendor who filled them w/ice cream. The success of this wonderful treat was immediate. People called them World's Fair Cornucopias. By the close of the Fair, the pastry vendors and ice cream vendors were collaborating on this delicious treat, and the thrilled Fair-goers took the idea home w/them to all parts of the country and the world. It was not long afterward that another Lebanese immigrant, Albert George, along w/other family members, bought some second-hand cone-baking machines and started the George & Thomas Cone Company in 1918. That company is still owned/operated by the George family, together with the employees. As such, the company is now an ESOP and is known as Joy® Cone Company, after its signature brand of ice cream cones. It is today the largest ice cream cone company in the world, baking over 1.5 billion cones/year. Open this package of 12 original-style classic waffle cones and Enjoy® the same delicious, delicate flavor and crisp texture that thrilled Fair-goers over 100 years ago. Reg. PA Dept. of Agriculture since 1918. Joy Cone Company, an independent, partly family-owned & partly employee-owned business, has practiced the art of cone baking for over 90 years. Family ties, attention to detail, and old-fashioned quality are the ingredients that make our cones a Joy to eat. Visit our web site at Comments/questions? Please include both top and bottom flap with your correspondence.


Contains: wheat, soy.