Hartz Gravel 'n Grit Digestive Aid for Pet Birds



Sprinkle Hartz® Gravel 'N Grit liberally on cage floor. Be sure to use a fresh supply of Hartz® Gravel 'N Grit each time you clean your bird's cage.



Hartz® Gravel 'n Grit Digestive Aid for Pet Birds. With calcium carbonate. Net Wt 850 g (30 oz).

Other Description

Hartz® Gravel 'N Grit is air washed and properly sized to help your bird digest its food. Since they have no teeth, birds need small gravel-like particles like Hartz® Gravel 'N Grit to grind their food. Guaranteed analysis: Calcium (min)... 0.01%. Calcium (max)... 0.10%. Hartz® is a trademark of The Hartz Mountain Corporation. Visit our website www.hartz.com.


Gravel, Calcium Carbonate.