Hartz Gravel Paper - 9 CT



Just cut to desired size. Clearly marked lines for 8 3/4" x 13 3/8", 9 1/2" x 15" and 11" round printed on each sheet. Can also be custom cut to fit other size cages. Instructions: Measure the floor of your bird's cage. Use heavy duty scissors and cut along the dotted line that conforms to your cage size. For cage sizes other than those marked, use a pencil to mark dimensions on backside of paper. Use scissors to cut to shape. Insert cut paper on bottom of cage. Stack multiple sheets on the bottom of the cage. When top sheet needs to be changed, remove top sheet to expose fresh Hartz® Universal Gravel Paper.



Hartz® Gravel Paper. Universal Gravel Paper. Clean & easy to use. Helps trim claws. One size fits all cages. Contents: 9 Sheets, 28 cm x 38 cm (11 in x 15 in).

Other Description

Hartz® Universal Gravel Paper is clean and easy to use. It is ideal for all cages. Providing your bird with Hartz® Universal Gravel Paper helps trim claws and provides grit to aid digestion. Regularly change Hartz® Universal Gravel Paper to keep your bird's cage clean and neat. Hartz® is a trademark of The Hartz Mountain Corporation. Visit our website: www.hartz.com.