GUM Professional Clean Flossers Fresh Mint - 90 CT



1. Place flosser between teeth. 2. Curve floss around the side of the tooth, slide floss up and down against the tooth to clean above and below the gumline. 3. Repeat this process for each tooth.



GUM® Professional Clean Flossers Fresh Mint. Extra strong floss. Fresh deep clean. New control grip handle. Recommended by dental professionals.

Other Description

Extra strong floss effectively removes plaque and food particles. Pick gently cleans between teeth and massages gums. 1. Specially engineered waxed floss resists shredding, and slides easily between teeth. 2. Wide head for maneuverability. 3. Widened finger rest for greater comfort and control. 4. Ribbed grip and wider handle for improved control. 5. Improved pick design fits easily between teeth. Call: 1-888-777-3101 or © Sunstar Americas, Inc.