Kaytee Finch Station



Use & care instructions: Turn dome reservoir upside-down. Stretch circular elastic band of the sock around the seed port, hooking it over the tabs. Tug lightly to ensure the sock is secure. Hang Finch Station at least four feet above the ground on a shepherd hook or study branch. Twist cover on top of dome reservoir counter clockwise and move up along the cable; the cover will stay up. Pour Kaytee® Nyjer® Seed or Kaytee Wild Finch Blend™ into the open dome; Seed will begin filling the sock and then fill the dome. Slide cover down the cable and twist it back in place, locking the reservoir. Wash dome reservoir periodically for top performance. Dome reservoir and sock can be washed in warm sudsy water. Replace sock as needed.



Kaytee® Finch Station™. New! Attracts flocks of finches! Ez refill sock system. Unique squiggle sock stays full longer. Easy-to-clean dome reservoir. Complete as shown with sock (seed sold separately). Free bonus sock (2 socks total).

Other Description

The Kaytee® Finch Station™ makes attracting and feeding finches easier than ever! Finches adore soft mesh socks and prefer them over traditional tube feeders. The unique, Squiggle Sock design provides more surface area that enables finches to perch wherever they want, and allow for numerous birds to eat at one time. Attracts: Goldfinches, Lesser Finches, Purple Finches, House Finches, Redpolls, Pine Siskins, and Indigo Buntings. Easy-to-fill, cover stays up and out of the way during filling. Strong weather-resistant dome reservoir stores extra seed, keeping sock filled longer. Unique Squiggle Sock offers more surface area for flocks of finches to comfortably eat at the same time. Durable, coated metal cable is looped and ready to hang. Unique gravity fed system allows seed to flow into sock. Strong built-in elastic band attaches sock easily to the seed port under the dome reservoir. Soft mesh sock makes it easy for birds to take hold and enjoy their food. Kaytee Finch Station Replacement Socks. Straight Socks. Squiggle Socks. EZ Refill sock system fill Kaytee Nyjer® Seed or Wild Finch Blend™. Kaytee® the most trusted name in bird food. Meets WBFI quality standards. Recyclable material. Patent pending. Nyjer® is a registered trademark of the Wild Bird Feeding Institute. Call: 1-800-KAYTEE-1, 920-849-2321. [email protected]. Visit: www.kaytee.com. ©2007 Kaytee Products, Inc.