Kiwi Cleaner



Shake well. Remove cap and invert bottle. Press applicator against shoe to dispense and scrub. Blot with cloth and allow to dry. Rinse applicator and replace cap.



Kiwi® Cleaner. Shoe cleaner. Tough stains. 2.5 fl. oz. (73 ml).

Other Description

A family company since 1886. Powerful formula removes tough grass stains from your entire shoe. Safe for use on all smooth leather, nylon, and canvas sneakers. ®/™ S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. used under license. Questions ? Comments ? US: Write Helen Johnson or Call 800-558-5252. CA: Write Helen Johnson or Call 1-800-558-5566. © 2015 S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.


Keep out of reach of children and pets.