(CN) The Doctor's Night Guard Classic Small-Medium, (CN) The Doctor's Night Guard Classic Petit-Moyen



Mouth size and body type can differ. However, as a general rule, choose the size based on the following: Small: Men and women under 5'6". Medium: Men and women (5'6" and above). 2 Steps to a more comfortable fit. After fitting: 1. Soften in hot water. 2. Bite down and shape to your mouth.



The Doctor's® Night Guard Classic® Small-Medium. Guaranteed fit. Comfort & protection guaranteed. Dental protector for nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism). Cushions & protects teeth from damage. Sops annoying grinding sound. Fits securely while you sleep. Contents: 1 Dental protector & storage case.

Other Description

Designed by a dentist for protection & comfort. Custom fit by you for convenience. Before fitting: Soft layer: To cushion and absorb. Firm layer: To prevent grinding. Fitting channel: For a secure fit. ©2012.


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