Gorilla Tape To-Go Handy 1" Roll



Tips for use: 1. Surfaces should be clean and dust-free. 2. Rub the tape into the surface to achieve maximum bond. 3. For best results, apply at room temperature. 4. Upon removal, tape may leave behind residue. To remove, use tape as a blotter, or use adhesive remover.



Gorilla® Gorilla Tape® To-Go Handy 1" Roll. Incredibly strong. Convenient travel size. Perfect for: traveling, camping, boating, sporting and more! 2x double-thick adhesive. Indoor & outdoor. Rugged, weather resistant shell.

Other Description

For the toughest jobs on planet Earth®. Incredibly strong, tough & thick. Grips smooth, rough, and uneven surfaces. Incredibly strong. Tough, reinforced backing. Indoor & outdoor. Rugged, weather resistant shell. Made in USA. Domestic & imported materials. 1-800-966-3458. www.gorillatough.com. ©2016 The Gorilla Glue Company.


Not for use as electrical tape.