Ruffin' It Earth Friendly Pet Waste Bags 120 ea BOX



8 rolls of 15 each. 9 in x 12 in x 0.6 mil (22.8 cm x 30.4 cm x 15.2 mcm). Our earth friendly bags breakdown in as little as 18 months. Earth Friendly bags, a better way to clean up. Our Ruffin' It bags use OXO degradable plastic to ensure that they will bread down in the environment in as little as 18 months. No more windblown bags cluttering the landscape or filling the landfills. Experts have found that pet waste can build up in the environment and cause a health threat. So, it is important to properly remove and dispose of waste. Extra thick and durable. 50% stronger than standard bags! 120 bags in 8 rolls of 15 bags each. Fits all standard dispensers.

Other Description

This packaging is made of recycled content.


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