Cushion Grip Original Formula Thermoplastic Denture Adhesive 1 oz BOX



See insert for detailed directions on how to apply and remove Cushion Grip Denture Adhesive.



Since 1950. Holds dentures up to 4 days! Easy to apply. Zinc free. One application holds dentures up to 4 full days! Cushion Grip Denture Adhesive controls loose dentures by reducing looseness and shifting and a single application lasts up to 4 days of daily cleaning, soaking, and brushing. Won't wash off in water. Even after repeated cleaning, Cushion Grip Denture Adhesive remains soft and pliable - recreates a secure seal each time you reinsert your dentures. Cushion Grip Denture Adhesive is safe for all plastic and porcelain plates. Cushion Grip Denture Adhesive lets you control loose dentures so you can feel comfortable and secure.


Not Applicable


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