DampRid 2 Pack Fragrance Free Moisture Absorber 2 ea MULTIPACK



Directions for Use. Remove lid. Open bag by tearing or cutting. Pour crystals into canister. Place on a flat surface in desired location. Crystals will harden and dissolve they absorb moisture. After crystals have completely dissolved, empty liquid into toilet and flush. In Case of Spills Caused by Puncture or Damaged to Procut: Hard Surfaces: Wipe with damp towel.Wash towel as usual. Carpets: Dry as much as possible with damp towel. Wet spot with cool water and press dry with dry towel. Repeat. Wash towels as usual. Clothing: Hand wash all fabrics with cool water. Manufacturer is not responsible for leaks caused by misuse or spills. Do not allow collected liquid to contact leather or metal.



Lasts up to 60 days (Duration will vary based on temperature and humidity). Attracts & traps excess moisture. Eliminates musty odors. Creates fresher, cleaner air. DampRid Refillable Moisture Absorbers eliminate the excess moisture in the air that causes musty odors, and create fresher, cleaner air! DampRid eliminates stale air, and fragrance products leave a light, pleasurable scent in its place DampRid won't dry the air excessively to damage plants, furniture or household goods. The refillable moisture absorber can be used in any room in the house, int storage areas and anywhere excess moisture and stagnant air are a nuisance. Suggested Uses: Clothes closets; bathrooms; laundry rooms; storage sheds; basements; garages; stored boats; recreational vehicles (stored); second home or bleach house. Septic safe.

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Caution: Eye irritant, harmful if swallowed. Contains calcium chloride. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Do not take internally.