Ahold Aluminum Foil - 200 Sq Ft



To start roll: Open lid, avoiding sharp edge. Pull out wrap to the desired length. To tear wrap: Close lid, grip edge of wrap tear downward across cutter edge.



Aluminum Foil. Smaller carton saves space. Great for: Storing. Baking. Reheating. 66.66 yd x 12 in. 18.5m² (60.9m x 30.4cm). 200 square feet.

Other Description

Foil label on. 100% recycled Paperboard®. Try our other great storage products for convenient solutions to all your storage needs. Plastic wrap. The power to keep your food covered. Reclosable snack bags. Take your munchies on the road. Slider storage. Convenience is in the bag. Reclosable freezer bags. Keeps freshness in, freezer burn out. Still 200 square feet - uses less packaging. Aluminum foil is ideal for: Storing leftovers wrapping baked goods reheating food in oven. 1-877-846-9949. ©2010 Ahold Licensing SArl. Quality guaranteed or your money back.


Caution: to avoid possible heat damage to oven, do not cover oven floor or an entire rack with foil unless recommended in oven manufacturer's instructions.
Caution: avoid contact with sharp cutting edge.


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