Glenvale Standard Weight All Purpose Dry Wax Paper 500 ea BOX

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Interfolded deli wrap. 10 in x 10.75 in (25.4 cm x 27.3 cm). For general deli food and meat counter needs. Wet strength added. Grease resistant. Why Dixie Interfolded Deli Papers? 1. Improve food presentation with a clean and bright white surface, designed to release easy from moist deli products, helping to enrich the appearance of deli products promoting a quality image. 2. Dry wax impregnated to withstand moisture and grease. 3. Wet strength additive to resist tearing and breakdown over time. 4. A variety of weights and sizes for most any need. 5. Dispenser box is packed with a special feature to hold sheets in a position ready for dispensing everytime.


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