Bussmann easyID Fuses 2 ea BLISTER PACK

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Good. Blown. Indicating Dual-Element, Time-Delay, 250Vac Cartridge Fuses. Part No.: FRN-R-60ID; 2 qty. Easy indicator technology makes finding the blown fuse easy and fast. For motor, air conditioners, pumps and main panel protection up to 250Vac. IR 200kA 250Vac / IR 200kA 250V CA / IR 200kA 250 V c.c. IR 20kA 125 Vdc / IR 20kA 125V CC / IR 20kA 125 V c.c.


Caution: Turn power off before removing or installing fuses. Check fuse status with continuity meter/tester to confirm fuse is open. Correct the cause of fuse opening before replacing fuse with one of the same type, amp rating and style/dimension.