Victor Original Steel Mole Trap 1 ea BOX



Instructions: 1. To identify active mole tunnels, gently flatten out a portion of the tunnel. Wait 24 hours. Tunnels that resurface are most likely active tunnels. Set traps in these active tunnel locations. 2. Make a depression in the roof of tunnel by pressing down with your thumb. Center the trap on the tunnel, with the trap pan directly over the depression you made with your thumb. 3. Push trap down until spears have bottomed out and the pan is flush with the ground. 4. Pull the setting handle up and down a few times. This will allow the spears to travel easily in and out of the ground. 5. Before setting the trap, make sure the firing latch is outside of the pan. 6. Holding the trap frame in place, rapidly pull upward on the setting handle until the firing latch snaps over the pan. 7. If necessary, apply slight downward pressure to ensure pan is fitting in the thumb depression, contacting the roof of the tunnel. 8. After the trap has fired, remove mole if desired.



1 trap included. Outsmarting rodent since 1898. Kills moles fast. Protect your lawn. Features: Kill moles fast; Protect lawns and gardens; Plunger-style mole trap; Can be used in all soil types, but not recommended for sandy soil; Weather-resistant, steel construction for superior strength and durability; Equipped with a safety chain with clip for secure operation; Each trap is hand-tested to ensure the highest quality; No chemicals or poisons. A Few Extra Trapping Tips: Moles are active both night and day, but we recommend trapping in the evening and early morning; Spring or Fall are the best trapping months because tunnels are easy to spot. However, moles can be trapped during any season except in very cold or dry weather; Moles don't go away in the winter, they simply dig deeper; Water lawn to get moles moving and make it easier to trap; Trap should never be set until securely placed in the ground.

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This product can expose you to chemicals including chromium, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


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