Harvey Value Pack Drain Master 1 ea BLISTER PACK



Faucet adaptor - Use in drains 1-1/2 inches to 3 inches. (1) To attach hose to inside faucet remove existing aerator from faucet. (2) Install faucet adaptor included with kit. (3) Connect hose to adaptor and Drain Master to other end of hose to unclog drain. Instructions: (1) Connect Drain Master to a hose, insert into drain line operating and slowly turn on cold (Not hot) water to full force. Drain Master automatically expands to form a seal in the pipe, then powerful water pulsations flush away stoppage in minutes. (2) Recommended water pressure is 40-80 PSI. If you are on a well system, make sure pressure is up by turning on an alternate faucet to turn on pump. (3) If pulsations are not noticeable, it may be because your water pressure is high and the pulsations are too frequent to hear or see. This does not affect the function or the effectiveness of your Drain Master. (4) To remove Drain Master from pipe, turn water off and loosen hose coupling at faucet to deflate. (5) Store Drain master in a dark, cool place. To use Crossbar Adaptor: Push larger end of blue crossbar adaptor into kitchen drain over crossbars (Never use crossbar adaptor and Drain Master in disposal). If you have a double sink, hold Drain Master and adaptor firmly in one sink drain while holding closed screen basket down in other sink. In double sinks with garbage disposal, turn disposal on while using Drain Master in adjacent sink. Important: Keep hose coupling of Drain Master just above top of crossbar adaptor when water is on. Note: The easiest way to clear most drains is through the clean-out plug on the main drain of your home. Open clean-out cap; if water is present, this means that the stoppage is farther down the line and it is OK to enter at this point. If no water is present then enter through fixture as illustrated. Shower: Remove drain plate, insert Drain Master a minimum of 8 inches into drain. Slowly turn water on full force, hold firmly in place until drain clears. Washing machine: Insert Drain Master a minimum of 18 inches of drain pipe. Slowly on full force, hold firmly in place until drain clears. Kitchen sink: Use Drain Master Crossbar Adaptor in drains with cross bars. Insert Drain Master into Crossbar Adaptor, then into drain opening. Turn on water, hold firmly in place until blockage clears. (In a double sink the closed screen basket in the other sink must be held down.) In sinks with garbage disposal. Turn disposal on while using Drain Master in adjacent sink.



Use in drains 1-1/2 inches to 3 inches. Unclogs sinks, showers and washing machines. Contains: 1 Drain master 1-1/2 inches to 3 inches. 1 Faucet adaptor. 1 Kitchen sink crossbar adaptor.


Cancer and reproductive harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.