JT Eaton Pest Catchers Value 4 Pack Spider & Cricket Glue Traps 4 ea BOX



Directions for Use: Capable of trapping all species of spiders and crickets coming in direct contact with the glue surface. Separate the Glue Traps and place where Spiders, Crickets and other insects are normally found, such as in cabinets, pantries, under sinks, by refrigerators, along baseboards, around doorways, near stairways, in basements, in crawl spaces, in garages, behind or under furniture, in attics, dark corners and other areas. Around the home in dusty areas, window wells, close to crawl space vents, near doorways, etc . lean a board or piece of cardboard against the wall over the traps. Glue Traps can be secured to beams and pipes with string, wire or nylon ties. Reminder: Crickets are generally nocturnal. They prefer to be near a source of water, sweaty or leaking pipes, outdoor faucets, downspouts, etc. They also are attracted to bright lights. If you have areas where outdoor lighting cannot be replaced with yellow bug lights or turned off completely, placement of Glue Traps will provide good control of these pests. Leaving a night light on in an outlet near to the floor will lure crickets to glue traps placed on the floor near the night light. Crickets have been known to hide in warm areas such as: closets, bookcases, near water heaters, washers, dryers, furnaces, and dishwashers. In case of accidental contact with adhesive, easy clean up with cooking oil or baby oil, followed by washing with warm water and mild soap.



Since 1932. Contains: Four (4) traps. Accepted by the USDA for use in meat and poultry plants. For crawling, hopping, jumping & slithering pests. Including venomous brown recluse spiders & hobo spiders. Ready to use & disposable.


Caution - Do not place traps where children, birds or non-target animals may come in contact with adhesive.