JT Eaton Stick-Em Pro Series Mighty Glue Board 1 ea BAG



Directions for use: Slowly open the board with thumbs along the inner edge to avoid touching the glue. Place JT Eaton Stick-EM mighty glue board where rats, mice, snakes or insects are seen or suspected. Generally these are along walls. If no pests are caught in 2 or 3 days, indicating no activity in that particular area, move JT Eaton Stick-EM mighty glue board to new location. For best results use more than one Glue Board at a time. Rats normally travel 50 to 200 feet a night, therefore placing boards about every 50 feet should get you good results. Mice travel about 30 feet a night. Larger areas my require 2 or more boards placed next to each other. In dusty areas around the home, lean a board or piece of cardboard against the wall over the boards. Avoid wet or damp areas. Rodents with wet or oily feet will not stick to glue.



Since 1932. Heavy duty for tough pests. Catch rats, mice, snakes & insects. No bait needed. Covers over 115 square inches. Ready to use & disposable.


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