PL360 Odor Neutralizing Natural Forest Citrus Fragrance Carpet Powder 16 oz JAR



How to Use: Blot the problem area and let dry. Sprinkle powder on carpet, wait 20 minutes and vacuum. Do not use on wet or damp carpets. Freshen pet bedding areas by sprinkling liberally then vacuum.



To clean up their act. With plant derived cleaners. Live your best pet life. Use the finest ingredients: Natural and plant-derived when possible. Avoid harmful chemicals. Be kind to the planet we share with our pets. 100% bio-based ingredients traps and eliminates odors on contact. No matter how much we love life with our pets, we don't love what they do to our carpets. This super-charged, super-natural formula destroys even the strongest odors from your home and helps prevent re-soiling. The way we see it, a dirty pet and a clean carpet can, in fact, live together! Made without ammonia, chlorine bleach, phosphates, phthalates or sulfates.

Other Description

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Sodium Bicarbonate (Mineral-Derived Deodorizer), Corn Starch (Plant-Derived Absorbent), Sodium Zinc Polyitaconate (Bio-Based Odor Absorbent), Natural Fragrance.


Not Applicable


Kas Pet, LLC