Amco Houseworks Peel Away Apple Peeler 1 ea BOX



Peel, core and slice, apples and potatoes. Coring blade. Tri-fork. Movable peeling blade. Shaft release lever. Handle. Clamp base. Peels, cores, and slices all in one easy operation. Ideal for pies, salads, and canning. Clamp base holds peel away to countertops. Peels. Slices and cores. Cores. Perfect spiral slices. The Peel Away turns ordinary apples into spiral rings that kids love to eat. Perfect for apple pies, desserts and dried apple snacks or ready to be crushed into apple sauce. Use the Peel Away to make delicious country-style hash browns. Cut casserole-ready ringlets in minutes. Effortlessly prepare piles of potatoes for mashing.

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