ACE White, Square Corner, 4 Inches Door Hinges 1 ea BLISTER PACK



Installation Instructions: 1. Place top hinge 5 inch to 6 inch from the top of the door. 2. Place the bottom hinge 10 inch from the bottom of the door. 3. Center middle hinge between the top and bottom hinges. 4. Outline each hinge location with pencil. 5. Mortise door and frame to hinge thickness. 6. Mark screw locations for each hinge. 7. Drill 1/8 inch pilot hole on marked screw locations. 8. Fasten hinge to desired location. Tools Required: Pencil, No. 2 Phillips screwdriver, drill, 1/8 inch drill bit, wood chisel. Maximum Door Weight: 2 Hinges - 100 lbs, 3 Hinges - 150 lbs.



10.1 cm. Quality since 1924.


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