Paslode Cordless Tool Cleaner 12 oz BOTTLE



Product exiting button is cold. Keep finger away while spraying. Disconnect power source prior to application on electronic equipment. Saturate surface to be cleaned. Rinse surface clean with a second application. Wipe clean or allow to air dry. Note: Electronic equipment must be dry before re-energizing.



Intended for internal electronic components only. Cleans and dries quickly. Leaves no residue. Non-CFC. Plastic safe. Electronic Cleaner: VOC content less than 75% by weight. Contains no chlorinated solvents (No 1,1 1-trichloroethane), no hexane, no CFC’s. A quick drying cleaner specially formulated for Paslode cordless tools. Intended for internal electronic components only. Powerful spray removes dirt, moisture and oxides without residue. Wear safety glasses reference guide when servicing tools.

Other Description

Please recycle. Aerosol cans consist of at least 25% recycled steel and are recyclable when empty.


Danger: Extremely flammable, vapor harmful, contents under pressure, see other cautions on back panel.