Senco Nails 1 ea BOX



Senco offers different triggering systems. The following will assist you in choosing the trigger that best fits your application and method of operation. With a Sequential restrictive trigger, fasteners can only be driven one way. Depress the safety against the work piece first, then pull the trigger. Under certain conditions, the sequential trigger may reduce the possibility of injury to you and others working in your area. A sequential trigger is available for all Senco tools with a safety element. With a contact actuation or dual action trigger, fasteners can be driven two ways. First, depress the safety, then pull the trigger. Second. Pull the trigger and keep it pulled while continually depressing the safety against the work piece. Under certain conditions, double fire, excessive rebound and leaving your finger on the trigger of a contact actuation trigger can result in injury to you and others working in your area. A contact actuation trigger is available for most Senco tools with the exception of some finish milers and staplers. With a selective actuation or switchable trigger, fasteners can be driven in either the sequential or contact actuation mode. A button on the tool allows the user to switch between the two triggering systems as necessary depending upon the application. A selective actuation trigger is available on a limited number of Senco tools. Follow instructions for all building materials to minimize the potential for staining.



2-3/8 inches x 0.113 inches (60 mm x 2.9 mm). 34 degrees paper tape. ACQ treated lumber. ASTM A 153 class D. Fits other tools. Code recognized ICC-ES ESR-1539 formerly NER272. Engineered construction nails. ASTM F1667. Bend yield greater than 100.000 psi. Galvanization of fasteners is intended to extend the life of the fastener. It does not eliminate corrosion and/or staining due to various conditions such as high humidity, salt spray, acidity content of preservatives in the wood (such as cedar, redwood, or man made materials).

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