Essence Of Copper Pillow 1 ea BAG



Routine Care: To maintain plumpness, refluff occasionally in a tumble dryer at warm setting and tumble dry for 10 minutes. Machine Washing: Important: If product does not have free movement in washer and dryer, use large capacity commercial machines. 1. Pre-wet the pilllow by submerging in water and pressing all the air out of the cover. Place pillow in water set on gentle cycle and warm temperature. 3. Use 1/4 cup mild liquid detergent. 4. Use non-chlorine bleach as needed. Machine Drying: Tumble dry at warm setting until dry. 5. Do not iron.



20 in x 28 in (51 cm x 71 cm). Copper acts as a shield against bacteria, fungi and odor. Soft and luxurious knit cover. Unique Blend 33 Fill: Hypo-allergenic high loft and recycled polyester fiber. Machine wash and dry convenience.


All new material consisting of 100% polyester fiber.


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