Sleep Shop Pillow 1 ea BAG



Care Instructions: Always keep a pillow case on your pillow to protect it from normal soiling. Refluff daily to maintain plumpness. When machine washing pillow, use delicate cycle, warm water and half the recommended amount of detergent. Make sure pillows are thoroughly wet before start of cycle. Tumble dry on permanent press or cool-down cycle 160 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Pillows may require extended drying time. Do not dry clean.



Euro 26 in x 26 in. Finished size: 26 in x 26 in (66 cm x 66 cm). Soft and supple fabric. Hypo-allergenic fiber fill. Extra resilient and refluffable. Certification is made by the manufacturer that the materials in this article are described in accordance with law.


All New Material Consisting of 100% Polyester Fiber. Covering: 100% polyester.


Not Applicable