Natural Care + Flea & Tick Drops 6 ea BLISTER PACK



For Use on Dogs Over 12 Weeks Old: For best results, dog's coat must be dry before application. Avoid eyes, nose, mouth and genitals. After application, always wait at least 24 hours before bathing or swimming. In multi-pet households, be sure the solution has dried before allowing pets to groom each other. Dogs may be treated indoors or outdoors. In order to help reduce the occurrence of fleas and ticks, this product is best used year round. If you suspect an existing infestation, try natural care flea & tick shampoo prior to application of natural care flea & tick drops. Directions for Use: Apply once per month, not to exceed more than once every 2 weeks. Hold dog steady with one hand. With other hand, squeeze the neck of the applicator at the pinch point to break the seal (see diagram a). Squeeze the applicator to apply the liquid in a straight line starting from in-between the shoulder blades at the base of the neck and down to the base of the tail (see diagram b). When applying, use the tip of the applicator to part the dog's hair so the product reaches the dog's skin. Once the full dose has been applied allow a few minutes for the solution to be absorbed into the dog's coat dispose of used applicator directly after use. If you have used a brand other than natural care spray or spot-on products within the last 15 days, thoroughly wash the neck area with a mild soap before using Drops. A. Pinch. B. Apply. Storage: Store in a cool, dry area. Disposal: In accordance with all federal, state and local regulations. If Empty: Do not reuse applicator tubes. Retain this package for future reference. Read entire label before each use and use only in accordance with label instructions.



Made with botanical oils. With clove, thyme & cinnamon oils. Up to 6 months supply. Kills & Repels: fleas; ticks. Proven effective formula. Up to one month protection. For dogs & puppies 12 weeks & older. Up to 20 lbs. Natural Care Flea & Tick Drops were created to provide safe and effective protection against harmful fleas and ticks, when used as directed. Our unique blend of plant extracts is naturally sourced from clove, thyme and cinnamon oils that, when combined, create a strong yet gentle defense for your dog. Kills & repels fleas & ticks. Easy-to-open applicators - no scissors required. Up to one month protection per application. Made with gentle botanical oils. Light scent.

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Active Ingredients: Clove Oil (7.5%), Thyme Oil (2.5%), Cinnamon Oil (2.5%), Inert Ingredients (Isopropyl Myristate, Vanillin) (87.5%), Total: 100.0%.


Caution: (Read entire back panel for additional precautionary statement).


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