Spot Bag Buddy Waste Bag Holder - 2 CT



1. Position loop under leash. Spread loop open. Pass Bag Buddy™ through the loop.* 2. After pick up, pull bag through center of Bag Buddy™. *If you have a thin leash, repeat loop-tie twice for tighter grip.



Spot® Bag Buddy™ Waste Bag Holder. Convenient and sanitary waste bag holder. Pat pend. Attaches to any leash. Hands free convenience when walking your dog. Holds both empty and filled waste bags.

Other Description

Be a responsible pet owner - picking up after your pet is in The Bag™! Bag Buddy™ makes waste storage more convenient and sanitary while walking your dog. No need to carry your dog's waste. Bag Buddy™ holds the bag so you don't have to. Clips on to any leash. Keeps hands free to control your dog or talk on your cell phone. ©2009 Ethical Products, Inc.


Plastic bags can be dangerous. Keep out of reach of children and pets.