Turtle Wax Car Wash 100 oz JUG



Rinse off all loose dirt. Use approximately 1 oz. of car wash per gallon of water and fill bucket with a strong stream of water for maximum foam. Using a wash mitt or sponge, wash vehicle from top to bottom, and rinse and dry with a soft towel or chamois. Do not wash in direct sunlight or if surface is hot to the touch.



Will not spot or streak. Safe for all finished. Shines as it washes. Rinses spot free. Safe for all finishes. Turtle wax car wash is a concentrated blend of mild detergents and shine polymers designed to thoroughly clean and shine your car, truck or SUV. Formulated with unique water softening agents, turtle wax car wash will not leave spots or streaks that can occur when using hand water.

Other Description

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Caution: Eye irritant. See back.