Universal Security Instruments Alarm 1 ea BLISTER PACK



Early warning of carbon monoxide is best achieved by installing alarms in every level of the dwelling, including basements. For maximum detection, install an alarm inside every bedroom, outside sleeping area, and on every level of the dwelling.



Smart Alarm Technology. 10 year sealed alarm. Never replace batteries. Ideal for every room in your home. Eliminates low battery chirps. Table top or wall mount. 10 year permanent power. Battery powered. Fast & easy installation - no wiring required. 10 year sealed battery provides continuous protection - even during a power outage. Quick activation pull tab - activates the permanent power battery. Product end-of-service life warning - sounds when it is time to replace alarm (approximately 10 years after date of installation). Loud 85dB alarm. Single silence/test button - in the unlikely event of a nuisance alarm, the silence feature quiets a non-hazardous alarm. Smart Alarm Feature Highlights: Fewer Nuisance Alarms - superior false alarm resistance. Self-Diagnostic Feature - performs a status check at power up to ensure alarm is functioning properly. Temperature Compensation - continuously adjusts sensitivity to variations in environmental conditions to reduce nuisance alarms. This alarm is designed to detect carbon monoxide that reaches the sensor. It is not designed to detect fire, heat, flames or any other gas. The user's manual includes important information regarding where to install the alarm, how to operate, maintenance, testing and product features. It also includes tips and information that could help to protect you and your family. No batteries to replace - save up to $38.00 over the life of the alarm. Powered by Duracell. Lithium free.

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For more information on our full line of alarms, visit our website: www.UniversalSecurity.com. Eco Friendly - reduces environmental waste & eliminates disposal of up to twenty 9 volt batteries.


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