King Palm Tobacco 1 ea BOX



Remove the inserted paper tube, grind your herbs to a semi chunky consistency, and remove stems before filling to avoid cutting the leaf. Lay the roll sideways and use the pointy side of our packing tool to fill the roll half way through, then hold your roll up onto a flat surface and use the flat side of the packing tool to push down so that the herbs are compressed tightly and evenly, just enough to avoid tearing the leaf, repeat these steps until full, this will ensure a slow and flavorful burn. King palm is rolled with the best all natural, squeezable, corn husk filter. Do not smoke the corn husk filter. Do not remove or smoke the black paper band. It is best to keep king palm rolls stored in a cool and dark environment, with a humidity level between 62% and 72%. Use humidity control packets from for best results.



Corn husk cooling filter. Packing stick inside. Tobacco free. Holds 2 grams each. Hand made. The world's best smokable leaf. King Palm natural leaf rolls are individually handmade. Our leaves are very slow burning and allow you to achieve a tight pack for a full flavor smoke. These leaves are from the flowering free of the Cordia (Borage) Family grown on our collective of farms across Southeast Asia. Natural for this product means these leaves were not grown with toxic fertilizers, and were not artificially flavored. When leaves are cut from the tree, new leaves appear after a short period of time. There is no harm to the environment. The King Palm leaf, corn husk and paper are all biodegradable and sustainable. All natural leaf rolls. Just fill it. No toxic fertilizers. Flavor enhancer.

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