Eraser Daddy Scrubber + Eraser 4 ea BOX



The original scrub daddy. My scrubby side uses the famous FlexTexture foam that made Scrub Daddy America's Favorite Sponge. Changes texture with water temperature - soft in warm water & firm in cold water. Cushions and reinforces eraser side. Easily removes surface debris to save eraser material. 4 colors help you organize your cleaning. Ordinary eraser finger pressure causes uneven wear. EraserDaddy foam backing gently distributes pressure. My eraser side uses PowErase material to wipe away dirt and stubborn scuffs in seconds with just water. Embossed surface for enhanced scrubbing power. Scalloped edges for ergonomic grip. Thermo-compressed material increases strength & durability. Dual-sided pad provides cushion for controlled smooth erasing. Scrub 'n Erase. Say goodbye to scuff marks, stubborn stains, crayon smears and more! Eraser Daddy is your new and improved dual-sided household eraser. FlexTexture foam is bonded to water-activated PowErase material and wipes away dirt in seconds, bringing new life to baseboards, tile, lawn furniture or your favorite sneakers. I can help you all around your home! Household: cabinets, hardware, floors, walls, baseboards. Kitchen: pots, pans, ceramic & enamel stove tops. Outdoor: lawn furniture, swing set, fences, deck railings. Bathroom: shower, sink, toilet, floors, cabinets, fixtures. Mix and match colors to organize your cleaning!

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