FireSide Supreme Firelogs 6 ea BOX



Easy Lighting Instructions: 1. Without tearing, loosen paper around log. 2. Place one firelog on grate, near the rear of the fireplace with "light here" flap on the top. 3. Light top seam at each arrow. Close fireplace screen; Enjoy. Safety Instructions: 1. Burn one firelog at a time. Only add another firelog when the first fire is out. 2. Always open damper before starting a fire and ensure adequate air supply. 3. Ensure you have no downdraft and that your chimney and burn area is clean. 4. Not for use in wood stoves or air tight stoves. 5. Never use without a grate (1-3 in spacing) and fire screen. Always leave glass doors open. Do not use with andirons. 6. Never add anything to the firelog or a firelog to an existing fire. 7. irelogs may become extremely volatile if agitated and may flare-up; do not move, poke or break up a burning firelog or use fire tongs. 8. If necessary, extinguish with a dry chemical fire extinguisher (UL or ULC Listed Class B) or douse flames with sand. 9. Do not use flammable liquids or fireplace gas log lighters to ignite firelog. 10. Do not use for open flame (or barbecue) cooking. 11. Adult supervision required. Never leave children, disable persons or pets alone near fire/firelog; nor leave unattended. 12. Close damper when ashes are cool. Dispose of ashes properly in a metal can. 13. Clean chimney regularly. Open carefully to avoid tearing inner firelog wrappers.



Up to 4 hour burn time (Variations in fireplace and climatic condition may alter duration of burn). Fast lighting. Cleaner than wood (15th Emission inventory conference, New Orleans, May 2006). Easy clean up. Lights quickly & easily when used according to the instructions. Fireside Supreme firelogs create a full flame in just minutes and burn for hours. Plan how long you enjoy your fire by choosing the fireside supreme log with the desired burn time listed on the packaging. Made from real wood This firelog is made from blended wax. As well as recycled biomass product such as wood sawdust and ground tree nutshells. Burns cleaner than wood fireside supreme firelogs burn cleaner than cord wood. Producing: Up to 80% less carbon monoxide (15th Emission inventory conference, New Orleans, May 2006). Up to 75% Less particulate matter (15th Emission inventory conference, New Orleans, May 2006). For indoors and outdoors fireside supreme 4 hour firelogs can be used outdoor, in backyard firepits, for camp fires, as well as in your fireplace.

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Comments or questions? 800-697-2448. Please check 1-877-4NO-BURN or http://www.8774NOBURN.ORG before burning.


This product can expose you to chemicals including soot and wood dust, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, and carbon monoxide, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to


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