Banzai Llamacorn Mondo Sprinkler 1 ea BOX



Safety Checklist: Read before using. Set Up: 1. The inflation and deflation should be done by an adult or in the presence of an adult. 2. All inflatables are temperature sensitive, therefore never unfold or inflate in temperatures below 50 degrees F (10 degrees C). 3. Once inflated, make sure that the product does not come in contact with stones, gravel or other sharp objects which could puncture the inflatable. 4. Do not use compressed air to inflate the product. Use a hand or foot pump. Do not over inflate. 5. To inflate product, pinch the stem of the safety valve to allow in air. When fully inflated, close safety valve by pushing it down gently. To deflate, pull up safety valve and press stem together to let out the air. 6. To prevent premature material fatigue, refrain from exposing the product to unnecessary sunlight. Over exposure to sunlight may cause leakage. Use: 1. Do not allow anyone to use this product who is under the age of 3. 2. Competent adult supervision is required at all times. Responsible adults should instruct children on proper use of this toy. 3. Remove all hard or sharp objects such as toys, buckles, keys, jewelry, watches, etc., from person and pockets. After Use: 1. Carefully deflate, dry, roll up and store this product when not in use. 2. Do not store this product indoors or in a closed container until it is completely dry. 3. Store this product in a secure place, away from children, to prevent suffocation.



Let it sprinkle you with magic! Over 6 ft tall. Refreshing overhead sprinkler. 100 in L x 76 in H (254 cm L x 193 cm H). Contents: 1 inflatable sprinkler; 1 repair patch. Gather around the Lalamacorn! Is it a llama? Is it a unicorn? Get ready for big refreshing fun with the Llamacorn Mondo Sprinkler! At over 6 feet tall, this bigger-than-life mystical backyard creature will shower you with magic all summer long! 100 in L x 46 in W x 76 in H inflatable sprinkler (254 cm L x 117 cm W x 193 cm H); refreshing overhead sprinkler; attaches to any garden hose; durable PVC construction; pet it for good luck! 3+

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