The Knot Dr Pro Mini Hairbrush 1 ea BOX

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Optimum Flexalite bristle count for painless detangling. Soft-touch finish. Heat-resistant design. Get a professional knotectomy. It's painless knot surgery. Knotectomy (not-ek-tuh-me): The removal of knots. What's a knotectomy? It's precision knot surgery. In the past, such procedures have been long and difficult to endure, and included the ripping and tearing of large clumps of matter hair; however, when performed by a professional, the Knotectomy is entirely painless. After years of dedicated research and experimenting, the knot Dr. is ready to operate. The Hybrid Detangler that works on wet and dry hair. Knotectomy made simple. 112 Flexilite bristles. Perfectly spread on a mini cushion. Easy pain-free detangling. Blow-dryer friendly bristles! Super soft-touch handle. Extra-large bristle tips to gently massage scalp.


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