Smoker Bricx Solid Wood 64 oz CANISTER



Refrigerate After Opening: Yes, refrigerate. It's odd, we know but these blocks are soaked in bourbon and it's the alcohol that evaporates first, every time the container is opened. That leaves moisture and it's the water (without the alcohol) that can degrade the wood. So, once you open this container, even if all you want to do is smell the wonderful aromas of the wood and bourbon, please refrigerate.



Container Volume: 64 oz (Weight may vary). Better smoke. Better flavor. No sawdust & no bark. Absolutely no fillers (except our bourbon). This is the wood we use to make our whiskey, as part of the process it's cut to size and infused with bourbon. We pack the wood wet, we pack it fresh. There's more aroma, better flavor and great smoke. That's not just the wood but the bourbon. Packed Wet Packed Fresh.

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California Proposition 65: Combustion of this product, like other wood or charcoal products, results in the emission of compounds and other by-products of combustion which are known by the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.