BackJoy Sit Smart 1 ea SLEEVE



Core traction. Comfort foam anti-slip grip. Back pain. Relief. Improves posture. Natural pain relief. Activates core muscles. Home. Office. Car. Anywhere. Fits most body types. 120 - 300 lbs (55-135 kg) Easy to use. Place the SitSmart onto seat. Sit all the way on top of the Sit Zones (as outlined). To adjust, use finger-grip underneath pummel. Tilt forward with legs at 90 degree angle and straighten shoulders. Feel the difference of better posture! No space between you and SitSmart. How it relives back pain. Improves Posture: SitSmart restores the spine to its natural S-shape curve to help you sit up straight, alleviating back pain. Activates Core Muscles: Sitting with good posture activates and strengthens the muscles in you core. Unlocks the Pelvis: BackJoy SitSmart supports the gluteus muscles and unlocks the pelvis, allowing you to move freely while sitting. The pelvis rocks forward and your center of gravity shifts into a neutral, strain-free position. BackJoy will relieve the pressure and strains that aggravate back pain whenever and whereve you have to sit. Dr. Barry Kluner, DC.

Other Description

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