Contour Legacy Leg Pillow 1 ea CLAM SHELL



The original! New. Restore the natural alignment of your spine to help alleviate uncomfortable pressure. Soft memory foam. Squeeze me. Includes washable cover!. The ergonomically designed orthopedic leg pillow for all-night comfort & support. Back Support. Hip Comfort. Better sleep. Cushioned knees. Cool, dry comfort. As seen on TV. Stay Cool, Stay Comfortable: Super-soft memory foam keeps it shape and is ventilated to stay cool and dry. Cushions Your Upper Thighs & Knees: Longer support to keep your hips, legs, and knees aligned - extra-thick support to cushion your knees. Move Freely-sleep In Any Position: Tapered edges and concave center cradle your thighs and knees snugly while allowing you to move freely, change sleep position, and bend your knees. Breathable, Washable Cover: Plush, soft cover easily removes for washing. Enjoy Full Support Hip To Ankles: Get 2! double the comfort and support. Our specially designed pillow case holds two legacy leg pillow together. Crescent Clearance: Naturally fits the contours of your legs, knees, and thighs. Helps restore your natural alignment for a healthier night's sleep. The legacy leg pillow provides alignment of the back and hips. Supports and cushions legs and knees.


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