Sentry Dog & Cat Spray 16 oz BOTTLE



Read entire label before each use. Use only on dogs and cats. Shake Well Before Use: For use on cats and kittens, dogs and puppies over 12 weeks of age. To kill fleas and ticks: Hold the container upright. Spray at a distance of 8 to 12 inches. Spray over entire haircoat making sure the coat is thoroughly wetted to the skin. As you spray, fluff the hair so the spray will penetrate to the skin. Make sure spray wets ticks thoroughly. Spray against the lay of the hair, roughing the hair on longed-haired dogs or cats. Weight of dog or cat, length of hair and density of coat will determine amount of spray to be applied to wet the skin. This 16 oz. Bottle should be sufficient for three applications to an average 30-35 lbs. Of dog or 20 applications to a 10 lb cat. Do not spray into the eyes, face or genitalia. When applied at the label dose rate, the dog or cat should not be retreated more frequent retreatment. For best results in controlling ticks, spray directly on the tick. Allow dog or cat to air dry or blow dry. Do not towel dry. This product is formulated to leave the hair coat soft and manageable for grooming. Do not reapply more often than once every 14 days. Storage and Disposal: Pesticide Storage: Keep this product in its tightly closed original container, when not in use. Store this product in a cool, dry (Preferably locked) place away from heat and open flame, and in an area that is inaccessible to children and animals. Pesticide Disposal and Container Handling: Nonrefillable container. Do not reuse or refill this container. If empty: Place in trash or offer for recycling if available. If Partly Filled: Call your local solid waste agency for disposal instructions. Never place unused product down any indoor or outdoor drain.



Controls reinfestation for up to 30 days. Kills: Fleas; Ticks; Flea eggs. Waterbased.

Other Description

If you have questions or comments about this product, please write: Sentry Consumer Response, PO Box 540399, Omaha, NE 68154-0399. In case of emergency, call: 1-800-781-4738. Non Emergency call 1-800-224-Pets (7387).


Active Ingredients: Pyripryxyfen, Pyrethrins, Piperonyl Butoxide ((Butycarbityl) (6-Propylpiperonyl) Ether and Related Compounds ), Mgk 264.


Caution: See back panel for additional precautionary statements and directions.


Sergeant’s Pet Care Products, Inc.