Shraga Neronim. Candles 24 ea BOX



Place candle into Neronim brand glass cup. Lift wick and light. After use, remove metal disk from glass. Neronim wax is kosher certified and the glass are dishwasher safe.



Burns 6 hours. Safe. Dripless. Windproof. Converts to liquid. These original Neronim candles are made from top quality, clean-burning, premium paraffin wax. They were developed to be used in a special tempered, heat-resistant glass cup, designed to fit standard candlesticks. When lit, the candle gradually transforms into a clear liquid, emitting a soft, elegant glow. Manufactured in a Shomer Shabbos Plant.

Other Description

Manufactured in K far Tikvah -Village of Hope, Home and community for people with special needs.


100% Paraffin.


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