NUK Pacifier 1 oz CLAM SHELL



Use and safety instructions inside. Care: Prior to first use, sanitize by boiling in water for 5 minutes. For daily cleaning, wash with hot water and mild detergent then rinse clean. Dishwasher-safe (Top rack). Water may get inside the nipple during cleaning, and can be removed by squeezing the nipple. For hygiene and safety, replace pacifiers after 2 months of use. Microwavable storage case for easy cleaning. 4 minutes 700 up to 1250 w. Caution: Hot steam may escape case when opened.



New. 100% silicone pacifier. Contours to baby's face smoothly. Reusable case for easy cleaning. Orthodontic NUK shape. Fits under baby's nose. Improved NUK shape. 1. Orthodontic NUK Shape: To reduce the risk of jaw and teeth misalignment. 2. Soft and flexible shield. 3. Fits under baby's nose. 0-6 m.

Other Description

BPA free.


Not Applicable