Avalanche Refrigerant 10 oz AEROSOL



Danger: Store in cool place - never in passenger cabin of vehicle as can may explode. Do not expose to temperatures above 120 degrees F. 1. Remove the clear plastic cap. Remove both of the smart clips from the cap and insert them into vehicle's center air vent. 2. Locate the vehicle's low side service port. This port will often have a plastic cap and is located between the a/c compressor and the evaporator. It is the only port to which the recharge hose will connect. 3. Start engine and turn in conditioner to maximum cool and maximum air flow. Close passenger compartment. 4. Shake can well. Unwind hose and remove cap over push button. 5. Connect the recharge hose to the low side service port by pulling the connector ring back as you push the fitting onto the service port. Make sure it locks in place. Do not overcharge/do not vent. 6. Press the recharge button to release refrigerant. Add refrigerant while fully rotating the can from a 12 o'clock position to 3 o'clock position, continually agitating (sweeping) can back and forth. The word Avalanche will turn from white to blue indicating refrigerant is being added to the system. If your system is very low in refrigerant this process can take several minutes. 7. Periodically stop adding refrigerant by releasing the push button to check smart clips for correct refrigerant fill. Do this while slightly increasing your RPM with passenger compartment closed. Remove quick-connect coupler from service port. Never place refrigerant can on any hot engine part. 8. One clip will change to blue showing the A/C is approaching optimum fill. The second clip will change to green showing the system is full charged. (If outside temperature is above 95 degrees F, only the blue clip needs to change color for the correct refrigerant fill. Leave clips in vent and recheck when temperature falls below 95 degrees F to make sure system is full charged). 9. When you have the correct fill and your air conditioner is blowing cold, stop charging. Remove the quick - connect coupler from the service port and store can in a cool, dry place or discard according to state or local guidelines.



No tools required. Ready to use. Fast & easy. One time use. For maximum cooling. Stop leaks. Restores system performance. Smart Clip Technology: Smart clips - changes color in vent to show correct fill. Smart can - logo turns blue when refrigerant goes into A/C. Avalanche contains 9.5 oz of R-134a (1, 1, 1, 2 Tetrafluoroethane) and .5 oz PAG oil with a proprietary formula of additives to ensure maximum cold air while sealing common rubber o-ring, gasket, and hose leaks and extending compressor life. Smart clips, when inserted into the air vent, will change color to show that the system is full charge.

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