BrushBuddies Baby Care Toothbrush 1 ea BLISTER PACK



Soft biting ring.Rubber handle acts as a gum massager. Toxic free materials. Perfect for teething toddlers. BPA free. Make brushing fun! The Brush Buddies Baby Care Toddlers Toothbrush with Teething Ring is tailor made to brush children's milk teeth. 1. Ultra Soft Bristles: Designed specially for children's first teeth. 2. Rubber Handle: Acts as a teether and gum massager. 3. BPA & Phthalates free. 4. Ergonimic Shaped Handle: Provides a good grip for both babies and parents. 5. Unique Handle: Uniquely designed handle prevents from choking. Perfect for teething toddlers massages gums to relieve discomfort.

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