Onyx Professional Professional Remover 8 oz BOTTLE



Read instructions carefully before using. Instructions: To Remove Artificial Nails: Clip excess artificial nail with nail clipper. Fill glass bowl with acetone. To Remove Gel Polish: Fill glass bowl with acetone. Place fingers in bowl and allow to soak for 15 minutes. Repeat if necessary. Trouble areas may require use of sanding block and/or manicure sticks to remove polish. Repeat if necessary. To Remove Nail Polish, Glitter, Nail Art or Glue: Moisten cotton ball and massage nail bed, pressing firmly from cuticle to nail tip. Wipe clean and repeat if necessary. Store at room temperature. Good for 36 months once opened.



100% pure acetone. Removes: artificial nails; glitter polish; nail polish; gel polish; nail glue; and more.

Other Description

Women Owned.


Acetone, Denatonium Benzoate.


Not Applicable